Mozilla Festival 2018

I was invited as Illustrator in Residence at the Mozilla Festival 2018, an event held in London, where people interested in different ways in technology, digital rights and in making Internet a better place, meet yearly at Ravensbourne University to discuss, play, teach, question, learn, enjoy.

During the 3 days of my residency I was going around the Festival venue drawing live the event and sharing the images with MozFest people, who were twitting them.

For my drawing skill it was a tough and challenging opportunity and I want to thank the curators of “Art+Data Experience” for giving me this chance and all Mozilla people and especially Zannah Marsh for the support on making this possible.

For who may be interested, at the end of the page there are some technical notes about the way I worked.

And no, there were no horses, but yes, there were unicorns.

A conceptual drawing of the residency (no live drawing) intro

A bird-eye view of the 4th floor hall bird eye

The 4th floor hall middle floor

The entrance to the Festival ground floor

Another bird-eye view of the 4th floor hall bird eye

Queering Mozilla space queering space

Queering Mozilla space queering space

Art+Data space art+data

Art+Data space art+data

Mash-up of people around the main hall geeks

Geeks at work geeks

Festival Director Sarah Allen speaking to facilitators geeks

The drawings were executed with Procreate on a 12” iPad and I had a set of predefined files to start from. The files had flat color layers together with mask and multiplication merge mode so the real drawing was executed on the mask, allowing an easy change of the color palette.

procreate screenshot